Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Fwd: Jerry Falwell Attacks Christian Alliance as "Hardly Christian"

I received the email below from the Christian Alliance for Progress. I will post my response when I write it.


Send us YOUR response to Rev. Jerry Falwell.  Read on to find out how and why…

On July 8, the Reverend Jerry Falwell sent out an email to the Moral Majority Coalition and the Liberty Alliance attacking the Christian Alliance for Progress. He claims that we are "hardly Christian" in part because of our political views.      Read his email here.

On the following Sunday, the Christian Alliance received a host of emails that were clearly fueled by Reverend Falwell's words of anger.  Many of these messages repeated his judgmental tone, but almost none said anything about the values Jesus taught.  For example, "It's a travesty that your group has taken the 'Christian' name."  Click here to see more of the comments that we received from his followers .

We suspect that Reverend Falwell's criticism of the Christian Alliance for Progress is not really about faith.  We think it's more about imposing his radical right-wing politics and ideology.  His statement illustrates how the leaders of the Religious Right try to mandate to Americans what it means to be Christian.  Is Reverend Falwell's way really the only way to express Christianity in the public square?   Are the political views of the radical Religious Right really the only views Christians are permitted to have?  We say no.  Christianity is our faith.  We seek to follow the values Jesus taught and to express those values in our political views.

We want to hear YOUR response.  Perhaps you feel Reverend Falwell's attack on the Christian Alliance is also an attack on YOU.  Take a stand for the Christian values in which you believe.  Tell us how you would respond to Jerry Falwell.  If we get 5000 responses, we'll see how we can deliver these messages to Reverend Falwell.   Let's remember that, according to the Washington Post, Reverend Falwell is one of the people the White House has asked for input on the Supreme Court nominee.  Send your response to Reverend Falwell so we can help remind him and the White House that there are many Christians who see our nation's needs differently than he does.  Ask your friends, your family, and your co-workers to do the same.   Click Here to Respond to Reverend Falwell's Letter.

Patrick Mrotek


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