Monday, June 13, 2005

Survey Says . . . DEMS Are the Values Party

Survey Says . . . DEMS Are the Values Party

By The Maven
Section: Politics
Take that, GOP!  A newly released poll "Moral Dilemma: Which Morals?" conducted June 2-5 by Westhill Partners/The Hotline should give pause to those who fear having the Democratic Party push a "values-oriented platform" in upcoming election cycles.
"Which political party - (ROTATE) the Democratic Party, or the Republican Party - do you think better shares your values?"


  Democratic:  44%
  Republican:  40%

And there's plenty more to be pleased about in the results, some surprising, others less so.  There's definitely stuff here that can be gainfully exploited to prevent the GOP from trying to ram through a social agenda which the American people do not support.

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