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Stop Supporting the Cops!

Stop Supporting the Cops!

by Michael Peirce

A few years ago I was working as a contract software developer at a big insurance company in Atlanta when a young intern came running in, all excited. He was laughing out loud as he told us "someone has blown up a bunch of BATF in Oklahoma!" Cheers broke out and people came rushing out of their cubes to chatter and look for more information. As the facts of the bombing became clear, the cheering died out immediately. But I sat there dumbfounded. Run of the mill Americans had just cheered because they had thought government cops had been blown away.

However, let the conversation turn to the local police and conservatives invariably revert to bumper sticker platitudes.

So a whole lot of Americans share my contempt for the government cops. But what about the police state in general? The militarized police forces of large cities are the firepower equivalent of some national armies. Even rural towns boast their own SWAT teams these days.

Of course in Atlanta we understand that the APD is a joke – highly politicized and under the thumb of a corrupt bunch of politicians in a town where politically correct means having a caring, black female as chief of police. So of course we love our local, suburban cops. Maybe we should – God knows we want to. But aren’t they breaking down people’s doors and confiscating their property over ridiculous drug offenses? Don’t they set up drunk driving road blocks in the most conscious violation of the rights of free men? Yeah, they do all that. But they are our neighbors. One of them gave my kid a ride to church in his patrol car after the boy’s truck broke down. It’s hard to dislike these guys and frankly I don’t.

We must however, remember the big picture. That same son went riding around the other night in a very fancy SUV that his friend’s dad had picked up at an auction. That’s right, it was confiscated by the forces of law and order.

Who changed the American constitution to allow government to confiscate our private property? Is not private ownership of property the very linchpin of personal freedom?

So what is it with conservatives? This knee jerk response to policemen (and schoolteachers – but another time for that one!) can be fatal to the health of your country. We should be speaking out against these abuses, not calling for more of the same. Very smart and committed journalists like Charley Reese and Jon Dougherty turn into something very far from what their usual work suggests that they are, when they speak of police. The latter is all for the drug war, despite his many columns exposing the nation’s leaders as unspeakably corrupt. Helloooo! Who do you think, fellows, is in command of this intolerable drug war? And who do you think is prosecuting it?

It cannot be forgotten that some of this people involved in drugs are very dangerous criminals, armed to the teeth. It makes one think of prohibition. You can keep your shoes on while you count the folks who’ve been shot over bootleg liquor lately but the streets were pretty hectic there for a while.

Perhaps it’s time to address this major flaw in conservative / libertarian rhetoric. There is always this obligatory homage to the police – yeah, the guys who will be confiscating your firearms in California. The folks in the macho drag SWAT get ups who kick in people’s doors and stick automatic weapons in kid’s faces. The drug warriors...The guys who regularly "put it all on the line" for us. Right....

Now I say to you, stop supporting the cops! They shoot people over this drug war nonsense but didn’t have the guts to go in at Columbine. They stood around "minimizing police casualties." They routinely obey un-constitutional and / or immoral orders. For which we hung rather a lot of Germans I seem to recall. They have made it clear that they work for the politicians not the people.

Remember Seattle? Who were they "protecting" there. Certainly not the shop owners, as left-anarchists ran wild trashing what they would. No, the cops were the folks protecting the WTO, and making sure the shop owners did not use guns to protect their own property. Was it not LAPD who stood around with their thumbs in their collective asses while rioters tore east LA apart? The only people who had a chance were the Koreans who had armed themselves.

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April 10, 2000

Mr. Peirce fought with the Rhodesian freedom fighters (the Ian Smith side, of course).

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