Thursday, June 23, 2005

Action Alert: Cut Military Aid to Colombia!

Urge members of Congress to create an opening for peace by
supporting an amendment to cut military aid to Colombia. Take
action now - before the June 27 vote.

In 2000 Colombian Mennonite Church leaders wrote a letter to
North American churches raising awareness of Colombia's internal
conflict and the massive U.S. military "aid" package to Colombia
legislated that year. Now Ricardo Esquivia, President of a
Commission of Restoration, Life and Peace of the Evangelical
Council of Colombian Churches and Colombian Mennonite Church
President Peter Stucky write, "five years have passed since we
sent you early warning of the negative effects the military aid
sent by the U.S. government to the Colombian government would
have on the people and nation of Colombia.

It pains us to confirm that that our prophetic words...have been
fatality fulfilled.

The military aid sent to the Colombian government by the U.S.
government through the so-called 'Plan Colombia' has been more
than throwing kindling on the fire. It's been like gasoline
enflaming the fire that consumes the Colombian society,
prolonging and multiplying its lethal effects. [Plan Colombia]
has not helped to stop the war, but rather has contributed to
its growth."

Time is up for Plan Colombia. This U.S./Colombia policy expires
in 2005, but the administration is asking Congress to approve an
additional $742 million to renew the failed plan. Until there is
a plan that can bring hope for Colombia, we reject additional
funding for futile military strategies.

Click here to tell Congress to cut military aid to Colomia:

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Blogger Peg said...

Getting rid of the US mercenary army in Colombia will be much more difficult than just cutting off funds for the overt actions in this country. I've lost faith in the Congress to take action on anything that is pertinent to our way of life. Dylan is still right on, The times are Still a changing. And the changes have picked up speed, going from a tropical storm to a Force 5 Hurricane.
Who're we gonna call??Ghost Busters?

6:20 PM  

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