Friday, June 03, 2005

100,000 signatures needed-EXTREMELY IMPORTANT-This could be enormous-shades of Watergate

I received this email on one of my message groups.  I'd also like an answer and an explanation from President Bush.  I want to know when it was decided that they were going to invade Iraq and why. 

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Date: Jun 2, 2005 11:04 PM
Subject: [Kucinich-Hou-Core] 100,000 signatures needed-EXTREMELY IMPORTANT-This could be enormous-shades of Watergate
To: kucinich-houston <>

Hi All, 6-2-05

On May, 5, 2005 U.S. Rep. John Conyers (Dem. Mich.) and 88 other representatives signed a letter to president Bush requesting answers concerning the classified (now disclosed) minutes (dubbed "The Downing Street Memos") minutes of a meeting of Tony Blair and other top British government officials.

The minutes reveal that the U.S. and Great Britian agreed by the summer of 2002 to attack Iraq well before the invasion Mar. 19, 2003 and before Bush even sought congressional authority to engage in military action and that U.S. officials deliberately manipulated intelligence to justify the war.

The president did not respond to the letter. Rep. Conyers wants to try it again with our help. He would like 100,000 signatures on the letter he will personally deliver to president Bush.

Let's face it, at this present time it is extremely unlikely that Bush is going to be impeached with this cult-like Republican congress, but he should answer some questions and it may stir up a horrnet's nest if it gets big enough. The press may even jump in, who knows.

Click on "The Downing Street memos" and then scroll down to "Letter to President Bush Concerning the Downing Street Memo", and then sign.

This could be huge.  Please sign and circulate widely.Our action may help prevent the bombing and invasion of Iran or Syria.





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